BigTrip Day 10

Leaving Wausau, we continued south for a while before turning east to Oshkosh. Oshkosh is the home of the largest annual airshow in the country: the Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure, held every August. Thousands of pilots fly in and camp next to their planes for some or all of the week-long airshow. We obviously missed the airshow, but EAA does have a museum there and it made for a nice stop.

As it turns out the EAA museum is much bigger than either of us anticipated. It’s no Air and Space Museum, of course, but it was really nice, with a greater bias towards recreational flying than most flying museums. We spent about two hours there, but we could easily have spent most of a day. Very impressive.

After Oshkosh, we plunged headlong into the traffic of the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor. We haven’t had to deal with traffic quite like this for a long time (probably since we drove through Chicago when we were moving from Maine out to Seattle 4 years ago!), though we are accustomed to some nasty traffic in Seattle. By the time we got into Chicago, it was dusk and the city was beautiful.

We finally rolled into Mary & Dean’s place in Hyde Park right around dinner time. Brad had been doing all of the driving since before Milwaukee and he was thoroughly wiped out. It even instigated our first “big fight about nothing” of the whole trip. None of that mattered, though, once we got into the house and had a chance to see 7-day-old Joseph Dean and his 2-year-old sister Judith Louise.

On a side note, our trusty Subaru hit 10,000 miles today near Milwaukee, almost exactly one year since we bought it!

Today’s Photos: