BigTrip Day 14

We got a late start today, lingering to play a bit more with Judith and Joseph. After saying goodbye to everybody we headed out of Chicago through Indiana and into Michigan, experiencing some more of that big city traffic. So different from eastern Montana! We’re afraid it might not get much better until we’re heading back west.

On the upside, we’ve found some great places to eat. The first was Dale’s Donut Factory in St. Joseph, Michigan, another recommendation from the Eat Your Way Across the USA book. A classic donut shop, with delicious donuts. And, here in Ann Arbor, we had a great dinner at the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant. In between was a disappointment. We stopped at the Kellogg’s “City of Cereal” in Battle Creek. As it turns out, they actually charge money for the privilege of seeing what amounts to a big advertisement for their stuff.

Ann Arbor seems like a nice town, thoroughly dominated by the University of Michigan. Too bad we don’t have more time to hang around. Advice to anyone out there planning this kind of trip: allow yourself at least two months!

Today’s Photos: