BigTrip Day 15

Another lateish start today, but we both needed the sleep. We headed east and were soon in the heart of the Motor City. Checking out the other cars on the road, we quickly noticed that we were driving virtually the only foreign car. Hmm. We took the Ambassador Bridge across the river into Canada, where they are different.

Most of the day was a long drive up Canadian Route 401. Although the speed limit along the whole stretch was 100 kph, it seems Canadians don’t pay much attention to speed limits. To be more specific, it seems they don’t pay much attention to speed at all. Canadian cars must have some strange new type of cruise control, one that maintains an arbitrarily slow speed for a period of time, then switches to an absurdly fast speed for another period, before completing the cycle by slowing down again. It made for some interesting driving.

We would have liked to spend more time in Canada, but as we’ve already mentioned, one month is not going to be enough time to do everything we want to. We whizzed right through Toronto without even stopping. We did manage to stop at a Tim Hortons (Canada’s Dunkin’ Donuts, only better) for a snack. As we were getting close to our return to the US, we were stopped for a time because of a particularly nasty looking accident, the bright side of which was the scenery around us on the road and the sunset we might have missed otherwise.

It was dark by the time we crossed the Saint Lawrence Seaway into the US. We stopped for the night in Watertown and had a quick dinner. Tomorrow, we’re going to try to get an early start and make it across the Adirondacks and through Vermont and New Hampshire to Portland, Maine, our former home.

Today’s Photos: