BigTrip Day 19

Ugh. What a day! Today was a day of driving and little else. Yesterday’s blue sky transformed into grey skies and rain today. We braved the rain and the traffic to drive through the Northeast megalopolis to get to Atlantic City. We’ll take a “boring” day of driving across the plains over this any day. We had plenty of experience driving through New York and Boston when we lived in Portland and when Brad was at school in Troy, but now we’re definitely out of practice.

After today, we need to update our list of worst drivers in North America. The list now reads:

  1. Rhode Island
  2. Ontario
  3. New York
    New Jersey (tie)
  4. Minnesota
  5. Connecticut
  6. Michigan
  7. Massachusetts

So far, Atlantic City is more-or-less what we expected. We’re here so that Brad can go to a big expo being held by the Airplane Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA). I’m not too sure whether we’d ever come here otherwise. We’re staying in a Day’s Inn on the Boardwalk that has seen better days, but seems to fit our image of the city.

Today’s Photos: