BigTrip Day 20

No, we didn’t gamble away all of our money in Atlantic City, nor did we buy a plane and decide to fly home instead! We’ve just been lazy updating things.

Before leaving Atlantic City, we spent a few hours at the AOPA Expo. At the “static display” they had at Bader Field, we did manage to see a number of planes up close. All of the planes Brad is considering were there and seeing them (and sitting in a few) was great. Our next big trip is likely to be by small plane.

We finally headed out of town a little after noon. Not too far from Atlantic City, we ate at an interesting diner (Philly cheesesteak for Kathy, reuben for Brad; not our healthiest meal, but very tasty). We had a very interesting waiter who had silvery-white tipped eyelashes and jet black hair, along with a distinct Philly/South Jersey accent.

We arrived in Gaithersburg, dropping by Brad’s parents’ house first, then paying a quick visit to his sister Cindy and her two cute kittens Grayson and Emma. We stopped for the night at the home of the Cosimano’s - Pam (Brad’s sister), her husband Kevin, sons Anthony and Clayton, and their dog Sedona, clearly the happiest dog in the world.

Today’s Photos: