BigTrip Day 23

Today started with a wonderful drive through an area of Montgomery County we had nearly forgotten about. The northwestern part of the county is still largely the same as it was twenty years ago, with small villages and rolling farmland, though there are signs of encroaching suburbia here and there. Before long, we crossed the muddy Monococy River, where Kathy had canoed with her parents as a kid; then it was over the Potomac into Virginia and across the Shenendoah into West Virginia.

Old US 50 through West Virginia is a twisty road up over mountains and down into little hollows for mile after mile. Along the highest elevations, we were plunged into fairly heavy fog and drove through a landscape of fresh snow. It was slow going, but the scenery was well worth it. Finally, we met up with Interstate 79 and quickened our pace to Louisville. Much of the day we listened to an audio book: Frank McCourt reading his memoir Angela’s Ashes, a very thoughtful gift from Pam.

We were greeted in Louisville by another of Brad’s sisters, Debbie, her husband Reg, and their flat-coated retriever Winston. Somehow, we didn’t manage to get a picture of Winston; he is charmingly handsome, with silky black fur and a twinkle in his eye.

Today’s Photo: