BigTrip Day 24

We started our day with a driving tour of Louisville courtesy of Reg. The funky local place we wanted to go to for breakfast was closed for the day, so we went instead to Bob Evans, a southern chain. We were treated to a great old-fashioned southern style breakfast, including biscuits and sausage gravy. We weren’t sure we’d like the sausage gravy, but it was very tasty.

Our tour of Louisville took us to the University of Louisville campus, where Reg teaches; to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby; past the Presbyterian Church of the USA headquarters, where Debbie works; past Hillerich & Bradsby, home of Louisville Slugger bats; and all around the downtown area. Louisville is quite a nice city. Much smaller than Seattle, but bigger than Portland, Maine. It’s big enough to have many of the amenities of a city, but retains a small-town ambiance.

After our tour, we returned to Deb & Reg’s house to pick up Debbie and hitch up the boat before heading to the Ohio River. The afternoon was spent speeding along the Ohio on Reg’s boat. The view of the city from the river is spectacular. We practically had the river to ourselves. In the whole time we were on the river, we only passed a couple barges and a handful of pleasure craft. Unfortunately, the ride back to the boat launch was anything but smooth. The wind had picked up a bit and made the ride horribly choppy. The whole experience was fun nonetheless, especially because Kathy got to drive the boat for a while!

Today’s Photos: