BigTrip Day 25

A solid day of driving. Other than some snarly traffic in St. Louis and Kansas City, it was pleasant. We started the day off with breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe in Louisville, recommended by Deb and Reg as well as “Eat Your Way Across the USA.” The food was great and the decor fantastic, with formica tables and vinyl chairs, a kind of sculpture constructed of hundreds of used tea bags, and murals made of corn. Definitely funky.

As we drove west, the rolling hills of Kentucky flattened out, trees became scarce, and great bales of hay again appeared in roadside fields. Frank McCourt kept us company as we finished listening to “Angela’s Ashes.” By the end of the day, we had made it to St. Joseph, Missouri, the eastern end of the old Pony Express. Tomorrow, we tackle Kansas and Nebraska, and hope to end up in Denver, Colorado.

Today’s Photos: