BigTrip Day 28

The storm from the Pacific that blew into Seattle a day or two ago decided to dump some snow on the Colorado Rockies, so we decided to play things safe with a couple hundred mile detour up into Wyoming, where the mountains are lower. Though we missed some spectacular scenery in Colorado, we were both captivated by the barren, rugged land we drove through in Wyoming. We also saw snow falling, for about a minute, so Brad won the bet we’d had on that. (Nothing was at stake other than bragging rights…)

We had a fantastic turkey dinner and pie for desert at Little America. Little America is, to use Brad’s description, the “Mormons: Stay here on your way to Salt Lake City!” travel stop, complete with restaurant, coffee shop, several gift shops, motel with swimming pool, 24 hour mechanic, dark windowless bar, and trees (which really stand out in this part of Wyoming).

Kathy had been told that Wyoming has more sheep than people and was disappointed when she realized, as we were crossing into Utah, that she’d seen no sheep at all and far too many people.

We also passed by some of the worst smelling feed lots and a strange area in southern Idaho with very ominous signs warning motorists of frequent dust storms.

Today’s Photos: