BigTrip Day 6

Today will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Kathy didn’t sleep well last night. Worse, this was “The Day When Brad Got Sick” that we had feared. It struck him last night, and he remains sick with what appears to be the same thing Kathy had. He started feeling a bit better by mid-morning, so we decided to go ahead and drive across North Dakota. He was able to sleep on and off and Kathy enjoyed the flat fields of harvested grain and dried sunflowers. For hours on end, flat fields of harvested grain and dried sunflowers. A short detour to the Minot International Airport was less than thrilling; not a single plane landed or took off in the 30 minutes or so we hung out and rested. However, in Rugby, we passed the geographic center of North America! Things actually got somewhat more interesting as we moved further east. We passed a number of lakes created by retreating Ice Age glaciers; these lakes were full of all kinds of waterfowl. All the motels we passed had “Welcome Hunters” signs.

Grand Forks looks like an interesting town. After we checked into the Best Western Town House hotel, Brad took another nap while Kathy took a short drive around town. Most of downtown appears to be under construction, and there are a number of new buildings; the city is still recovering from the huge floods they had in 1997. Hopefully, Brad will be up for a short walk around tomorrow morning. Kathy spotted a nice looking coffee shop, which started a major espresso craving. We haven’t had espresso since the day we left Seattle. Kathy did manage to eat her first real post-sickness meal today and is really looking forward to her first post-sickness coffee.

Today’s Photos: