BigTrip Days 12 & 13

Another couple of days in Chicago. The weather turned chilly and grey, reminding us of winter in Seattle. We found a Peet’s Coffee and thoroughly enjoyed real espresso for the first time since Seattle.

Dean’s parents and sister arrived today and we had a big turkey dinner in celebration. Brad even made candied yams, so it was kind of like an early Thanksgiving. On Thursday morning, we all attended the baptism of baby Joseph. He seemed to enjoy the attention!

In the afternoon, we visited the Mount Olive and Irving Park Cemeteries, where several of Brad’s ancestors are buried. A few years ago, we were here in January and managed to find some of the gravestones, but others were hidden by snow. This time, though, we had no trouble finding them and paying our respects.

We also saw a great exhibit at the Field Museum: “Sounds From the Archives.” It consisted of displays and recordings of 50 musical instruments from all over the world, set up so you could play each instrument electronically through different keypads located throughout the exhibit. Very cool.

Today’s Photos: