Da Da

Henry’s been saying it. “Da da.” Sometimes “Dad.” Sometimes it sounds a little more like “hat.” He also says “boo” in a variety of ways, sometimes trilling or raspberry-ing the “b” sound (with an accompanying spray of saliva), sometimes with a breathy “oo” sound, almost like he’s practicing Lamaze breathing. Every now and then he adds consonant sounds to it: boot, boop, boob, boom, boog. He says these things in a sweet voice, musical and soft sounding. He also yells. There are two sorts of yells: a loud, I-just-like-to-hear-the-sound-of-my-voice “aaaahhhhh” and an upset, howling, take-no-prisoners banshee yell. And sometimes he grumbles and gripes, with whiny, breathy cries that may escalate into the yelling. He only seems to utter “maa maa” sounds when he’s upset. Sigh.