On Hold

I’m on hold, waiting to be connected to “Solid Waste.” We’ve been trying to get the city to deliver a 32 gallon trash can for some time now; we have been more than filling our 20 gallon can since Henry’s arrival. We have our own 32 gallon trash can, but the city insists that we use their approved 32 gallon container. Until they get organized enough to deliver it to us, we are stuck with the smaller can but continue to be charged for the larger one. Sigh. And so, I am on hold. I think this is the fourth phone call we’ve made about this. I’ve checked my mail, read the news group, read a bunch of web logs, nursed Henry until he got too curious about the phone (he actually hung it up once, too!)… Finally, I’m talking with a human! Yes. Oh, rats. Back on hold. He’s checking with his supervisor. Which is probably good. I presented the whole sad story. Maybe we’ll actually get an approved waste receptacle this time! Wow, I actually spoke with the supervisor, Dave Lindsay. He says he’ll intervene and we should get our can in the next few days. I can’t wait.

In the early days of Amazon customer service, when a customer would ask to speak to a supervisor, we had to pretend. At first, we tried telling them that we had no supervisor. (At that point in the company’s growth, our supervisor would have been Jeff Bezos.) But they didn’t go for that; of course we had to have a supervisor. So, we’d just pass the customer off to one another and act supervisorial.