I take my teeth for granted. Well, I did until the root canal I had last year. Now I use a Sonicare and floss religiously. But I don’t think much about it. The teeth are there, I can still eat my favorite foods (chocolate and things made from chocolate).

Henry is now getting two more teeth, maybe more. (It is difficult looking into the mouth of an almost 7 month old! Almost as difficult as giving medicine, but that’s a topic for another day.) It looks like his upper right eye tooth and his lower left eye tooth are about to break through his gums. And he is not happy about it. He wants to chew on everything but his mouth is now in a state where it usually hurts him to do so.

He got his first two teeth at four and a half months; it seems as though he has been teething since he was two and a half months old. What must it be like? Does it feel for him the way the root canal felt for me, but all over his mouth? And I suppose he doesn’t understand what is happening. What is causing his jaw, ears, nose, and gums this pain? Why can’t Mom and Dad make it go away? Why does nursing now hurt sometimes? No wonder he seems outraged from time to time. When his first two teeth started sticking up far enough, he began playing with them, pushing his tongue against them over and over again. It must have been surprising at first to have these new sharp things jutting up against his tongue.