7 Months!

Henry is 7 months old today. Wow. He is an older baby, on his way to toddlerhood. For a few weeks, he has been crawling around army style, dragging his belly on the ground and pulling himself forward with his hands, barely using his legs. Over the last few days, however, he has been doing push ups on his hands and toes, sticking his butt up in the air, and then rocking back and forth. (I am told that when I was a baby, this is how I crawled; didn’t want to get my knees scuffed.) Every so often, he’ll pull one or both legs up underneath himself, so he ends up on hands and knees for a few seconds. And sometimes when doing this, he lurches forward, headlong into anything in his path. He is clearly experimenting with how to move and he is obviously elated with the results. If you put anything new and different down in his line of sight (a shoe, a plate, the newspaper, the laundry, a dust bunny), he makes a beeline for it. After exploring it briefly with his hands, he’ll try chewing on it in case it might soothe his teething gums. Electrical cords are marvelous. So the child-proofing continues on a daily basis.