Today, Henry crawled from the living room to the dining room. Brad was watching him as he did it; I was down in the basement doing some laundry. When I went downstairs, Henry was in the middle of the living room, playing with some of his toys. When I returned, Henry was in the dining room investigating my sneakers. (Yes, my “we just walked around Green Lake so who knows what besides goose poop is on these” sneakers. I try to think of these sorts of things as immune system boosters.)

Anyway, Brad pointed out later that this was Henry’s first inter-room excursion. I guess we shouldn’t put off the baby proofing much longer. Cabinet opening and drawer pulling are not far off. It’s cool, but an adjustment. I had finally started understanding the needs of baby Henry and now, here comes Henry the toddler! Well, actual toddling is likely still a ways off, but Henry’s newfound mobility has really changed things. Sometimes he cries and squirms because he wants to be put down. He no longer really fits on my lap when he nurses. He’s getting a bunch of teeth all at once. Suddenly, he seems older. I love all these things (well, I’m not sure about the teeth…) and yet I feel wistful. I didn’t appreciate Henry’s newborn time enough. I was too tired, too worried about him, too overwhelmed. At least we have a lot of pictures, so my failing memory won’t deprive me completely of the happy times we had. Brad and I decided we’d take a picture of Henry every day of his first year. I think we’ve only missed one or two days so far. We have a picture of one of Henry’s first smiles, in his sleep.