Random Walk

We take a lot of walks. Pretty much every day, we’re out walking around Green Lake, strolling through Magnuson Park, or just wandering around our neighborhood. Henry loves walks. He rides along in his Baby Bjorn, watching the world go by or drifting off to sleep (or playing “little botanist,” but that’s a story for another day).

Recently, we found ourselves walking the same places in our neighborhood day after day. So we started throwing in a little variation here and there, “which way at the next corner?… you pick!” Which got us thinking. What if we took a Random Walk. What if we bought some dice and rolled at each corner, choosing our next direction based on chance. Every day when we were out walking, we tossed the idea around again, mostly as a joke. We figured that in our neighborhood, we could get by with just a single twelve-sided die, which would handle intersections with two, three, or four directions to choose. Fun stuff, right? Okay, so we’re geeks.

Then, last weekend, we stopped in a Wizards of The Coast store in the mall and bought some dice. Yesterday was the big day. With dice in hand and Henry snugly outfitted in his Bjorn, we headed out. And the result? Well, we certainly walked some places we wouldn’t have walked otherwise. Over time, we found ourselves vetoing the die’s decision, in part because we needed to head home. Henry, as he often is in such situations, was nonplussed.

We’ll have to try it again sometime.