Brad is miserable with allergies right now. The grasses get him. He has awoken with his right eye swollen shut a few times recently and the nose blowing and sneezing have reached epic proportions. While up in Victoria, BC yesterday, he bought some Claritin (it’s non-prescription there); hopefully that will at least take the edge off things.

We’re both considering getting allergy shots in the near future. My bad allergy season is the spring; it’s the tree pollen that gets me. Although, this year I didn’t do anything and was okay. It must be something about the different hormone mix in my body because I am nursing Henry. My sister’s allergies were always moderated/eliminated when she was nursing too. Another unexpected benefit of breastfeeding. I haven’t really figured out what the downside to breastfeeding is. In the plus column we have increased immunity for Henry, increased intelligence, nutrients matched to his current needs, lots of good cuddle time, easy and ongoing weight loss for me, decreased chance of breast cancer for me, inexpensive, convenient… In the minus column we have what? The only thing I can really think of that sometimes makes me sad is that Brad can’t do it. Now that would be cool.