I played bridge last night, with some old friends from my Amazon days. My pre-Henry days. Another life, almost. It was fun, even though I only stayed two hours and lost 3 spades doubled and a 4 spade contract. I played to game with another 4 spade contract, though. I need to play a whole lot more. Learning the ins and outs of bidding alone could take hundreds and hundreds of games.

My mom used to be in a bridge club when I was growing up. I remember being home a few times when the club met at our house. Mom was the youngest player by far, in my recollection. The others were gray-haired older folks. Coffee, tea, and nice baked goods were served. It seemed a bit boring at the time, but I clearly didn’t know what I was missing. Cribbage was my game back then. Maybe we’ll get the chance to play when she visits next; she’ll be able to teach me a few tricks, I’m sure. Mom also played Scrabble frequently with our neighbor, Claire Goodsight. Or was it Clare? I can’t remember the spelling.

In fact, Mom loved playing games like that when we were growing up. We were really lucky. Big Boggle, Scrabble, gin, high-low-jack, cribbage, hearts, black maria, Life, Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Uno, spit, concentration. Brad taught us pinochle during one family vacation at the Outer Banks.