Check Up

Henry had his nine month check up today. He did great! He peed all over the wall while being weighed; being naked on that scale must have been chilly! It was a good way to register his protest. For those who like statistics, he is 20lbs 14oz and 28.5 inches long, both right around the 50% percentile for his age.

Brad and I realized that it has been over a month since we have been to the pediatrician. It has been several months since Henry’s last blood draw. In fact, his liver biopsy in April was the last major medical thing. We don’t even have a scheduled appointment with gastroenterology; they said to bring him back when he’s a year old. They still don’t have any ideas about what is going on to cause the elevated bile acids, but Henry’s liver appears quite healthy and he is growing normally. There is still a little cloud of worry that hangs around us at times, but it isn’t as overpowering now.

Henry has had two fevers in the last two weeks, both short-lived and with no other symptoms of illness, other than a slight stuffy nose. The pediatrician is not worried.

Henry is waking up… Gotta go.