Nine Months

Henry is nine months old today. Nine months, the mythical length of a pregnancy. Of course, anyone who has been pregnant knows that ten months is a more typical gestation time. In Henry’s case, he had to be induced to come out at ten months and one week. He does not miss his first home in the world anymore. He likes this one a lot. I can hear him crowing and giggling with Brad in the next room.

All that pregnancy stuff seems so remote. Is that really how Henry came to be? I still have a picture from his 18 week ultrasound sitting on my desk. Yesterday, Brad found some of the fetal “kick count” charts I filled out when we were tracking Henry’s movements. On July 7th, 2000, it took me one hour to count 10 kicks (or perhaps they were elbow jabs or headbutts…) On July 7th, 2001, I watched him kick, jab, and headbutt 10 times in as many seconds.