A Place to Live (No, Really!)

The apartment we thought we’d be renting fell through. We stopped by to drop off the application only to find out that someone had just beaten us to it by a few minutes. We responded in typical Brad-and-Kathy fashion, by knuckling down and, uh, setting it all aside for a couple days.

Today, we looked at a house just a few blocks away that is better than anything else we’ve seen. The owners are just finishing a major remodel and the place is spotless. We filled out a rental application on the spot and should hear back tomorrow or the next day about whether we’re in. It’s pretty much exactly what we were hoping to find. It’s a house with plenty of room for our stuff (so nothing has to go into storage!), it has a nice yard, it’s clean and well cared-for, and best of all, it’s nearby. It will be an easy–though uphill–walk to our house to check on progress.

In other news, we heard from our architects about the building permit today. Seattle has recently switched to a system with more checks up front and a shorter permit process once the application is in. After the pre-application site visit I mentioned a few days ago comes a pre-screening, in which the application is reviewed on the spot for frequent errors and major problems. Our application apparently went though two minor revisions during this process. Finally, the actual “filing” of the application must take place during a Permit Intake meeting. Ours is scheduled for September 4th. On the bright side, all this delay should translate into a quicker approval once everything is submitted, so we might not be any worse off than we thought. We’ll see.