It's Really Happening

Yesterday, we got a call from our architects asking us to drop by with a check made out to the City of Seattle. It was finally time to apply for our building permit. If all went well, the application went in before the end of the day yesterday. We’d been waiting to hear back about our “pre-application inspection.” The city needs to do a site inspection before you can even apply for a building permit. We’d been waiting (along with our architects) to have the inspection scheduled, but apparently they’d already done it. Nobody knew until a letter arrived at the architects’ office yesterday. Sigh. So now, the real waiting begins. If all goes well, we could have our building permit in hand a month from now. Our contractor is ready to go as soon as the project is approved, and so are we! Well, there is that little tiny issue of finding a place to live during the remodel, but we’ll figure that out somehow.