Not So Fast There, Buddy!

I spoke too soon. It seems our plans still haven’t gone to the DCLU (update: the DCLU is now the DPD) for the building permit application. The structural engineer expected to be able to get to them Friday afternoon, but won’t be able to finish with them until tomorrow. More waiting…

Nonetheless, things are continuing to move forward. Our contractor (the aptly named Tim House) is scheduling a walk-through with all the major subcontractors for sometime next week. He should be able to give us a more accurate timeline and cost estimate afterwards.

We’re still searching for a place to live during the remodel. We saw a house a couple blocks away today that would be perfect but for the multiple allergy-inducing pets the current tenant has. Yesterday, we saw a gorgeous apartment in Queen Anne with an incredible view of downtown. It was a difficult thing to do, but we decided to pass on that one, too, primarily because of the distance from our house. Sigh.