Dig Dig Dig

First thing this morning, we got a call from our neighbors from across the street. Big things were afoot at our house and they were enjoying the show. The excavators had shown up bright and early and within half an hour had removed one section of our hedge and started work on digging up the oil tank. Not long after, we got a call from Mike, the foreman on our job, with the first of what will surely be many unexpected surprises.

It seems that one end of our immense oil tank was nestled under the front porch and steps. They needed to know whether they should take extraordinary measures to save the steps–in particular the brick facing–given that they may be subject to some severe settling later. After some discussion, we told Mike to go ahead and tear out the steps if necessary.

Henry and I stopped by around 10:30 to check on the progress. We got two bits of good news: the oil tank hadn’t been leaking (a potential nightmare averted!) and the front steps were spared. The hole from the oil tank was mostly filled and the crew was about to start excavating for the rear and side additions. By the end of the day, the excavation work on the side of the house was done. Tomorrow, they should be able to finish up the remainder of the digging in the back. The concrete crew is scheduled to arrive Monday to start setting the forms for the new footings and foundation, which should be poured a week from today.

In other news, Mike gave us a copy of the project schedule as it stands now. If all goes well, we should be moving back into our house sometime in June. It’s incredible that the house will be nearly finished on the outside by January, but it will take another five months to get everything else finished. Then again, there’s a lot to be done!