It Begins!

Last Monday, we met with our architects and our general contractor for a final pre-construction walk-through. We signed a contract, handed over a big fat check, and braced ourselves for Tuesday’s mayhem: demolition!

By the time we stopped by around noon on Tuesday, the destruction had begun. The first floor was still mostly intact, but upstairs, most of the plaster & lath had already been removed from the studs, leaving waist-high piles of debris. It was tough to see it as anything more than destruction; the fact that it was the first step in a dramatic improvement to our house was drown out by the dust, noise, and debris. By Friday, the debris was gone, along with much of the house, or so it seemed.

Our remodel involves significant changes to pretty much every room of the house, save two. The only rooms that still have their plaster & lath walls are the living room and dining room. Our kitchen is gutted. Our second floor is a ghost of its former self. Most of the plumbing and all of the heating ducts are gone.

And our “sunroom” in the back is gone gone gone.

Tomorrow, the digging begins. We were there today and noticed outlines of the addition spray-painted on the grass. Our landscape architect stopped by as well to mark the plants that stay and those that go. The hedges that dominate our front yard have big orange X’s on them. Bye bye hedges.