Going Up!

Lots of progress so far this week. We never made it over there during the day on Monday, but I spent a few minutes wandering through after dark. Wandering around an active construction site at night with just a dim flashlight might not have been one of my wisest moves, but I did manage to see some of the progress they’d made during the day. The North wall of our house was missing up to the second floor, replaced by a temporary support wall a couple feet inside and some plywood sheathing for the night.

By Tuesday, the kitchen addition was taking shape. The framing was going up and they were getting ready to put the new steel beam in place to support the second floor. By the end of the day yesterday, the beam was in and the exterior wall had been framed and partially sheathed. The partition wall between the kitchen and bathroom was in, too, so we now have a pretty good feeling for the size of the new kitchen. By the way, those two backs in the picture belong to Andrey and Miguel, the two full-time Houseworks people working on our project besides Mike (the supervisor).

Elsewhere in the house, they put a temporary door between the existing basement and the new addition, so the house is more-or-less secure again when they leave at night. The new electrical drop, meter, and panel are now hooked up (and the old ones are gone).

We also finalized our tile choices for the bathrooms and kitchen. We’ll be using lots of 3 x 6 “subway tile” and other period designs.