Let the Framing Begin!

It’s been a while since we posted an update and a lot has happened. The concrete subcontractor stripped off the forms the day after the pour, leaving us with a very attractive foundation. The next week, the general contractor planned to put in the foundation drains, waterproof the foundation, and backfill. Unfortunately, it rained all week, so they concentrated their efforts inside instead (though they did get the waterproofing done). By the end of the week, they’d framed the part of the basement that will be finished and removed many of the existing partition walls. We left town for Thanksgiving, but progress continued while we were gone.

The week of Thanksgiving was apparently another rainy one here in Seattle (surprise, surprise). So, while we were basking in the sun and warmth of Southern California, our contractor’s crew had no choice but to get down in the muck. They did their best to stay dry and managed to get the drains in, backfill, and even start some framing in the short week before the holiday.

By the time we got back into Seattle on the 26th, the rear addition was starting to take shape. The knee wall and first floor deck had been framed and the new subfloor extended all the way in to the kitchen. Henry was impressed. Since then, it’s been framing, framing, framing.

As of today, the rear addition has been framed all the way up to the second floor deck; the rear porch is mostly framed; several new beams have been put in place in the rear half of the existing house; the new electricity drop and meter box are in; the framing of the side addition has begun; and the concrete for the rear basement steps and new basement floor has been poured. Next up: more framing.

In other news, we spent three hours at the Antique Lighting Company on Tuesday choosing fixtures. We also finalized our kitchen appliance choices and put down a deposit on the whole kaboodle. One of these days, we’ll get over to Art Tile to nail down our tile selections…