Raise the Roof!

Most of the recent work on our house has been upstairs. First, they built a huge tent over the back of the house to help keep the rain out. Unfortunately, before the tent was finished, the house sat through a very rainy weekend with a couple uncovered holes in the roof. Thankfully, there was no damage. Once the tent was finished, off came the roof!

The entire rear half of our second floor was gone. As soon as it was gone, though, the rebuilding began. First, they framed up the exterior walls (except for the gable ends), laid out the interior walls, and starting filling in the gaps. It’s pretty amazing, really, to suddenly be able to walk through the house as it will be.

At the end of this week, they put in the new ridge beam and started framing the north side gable end wall, removing the old roof overhang as they went. It’s cool to see the side addition all framed up and ready for sheathing. It’s also nice to see the view of the Cascades we’ll have from our master bedroom. This coming week, they should be able to get the other ridge beam in place, frame the rear gable end wall and start the sheathing (and maybe get started on the roof framing). It shouldn’t be long before the house is closed up and the tent can come down.

One more thing I forgot about a few weeks ago… As the Houseworks folks were finishing up the interior demolition upstairs, they came across a dirty bottle tucked away in one of the eaves. Cleaned up a bit, it turned out to be for “California Padres Wine Elixir Tonic,” which contained “nutritive medicaments in properly blended old California wines.” The label goes on to claim its medicinal properties for “use in general run down condition of the body” and warns it is “not to be used as a beverage.” Sure. Remember, our house was built during prohibition. Very INteresting.