Spoke Too Soon

Anyone who has had a kidney stone would realize upon reading my last entry that the real pain had not yet hit. When the real pain hit, at about 5:30pm that same day, I would not have been able to open up my laptop had I tried. Luckily, I was able to walk to the car and then sit in the car. Somehow, I remembered how to spell my last name for the person who checked me into the ER, the person who was moving in and out of my field of vision; sometimes the right half of her face was there, sometimes the left. Or was it that sometimes my right eye was gone, sometimes my left? My brain had no resources left to coordinate things like binocular vision.

The air got all wavy, too. And my hands were numb. It took them a little while to get to me. Something like 10 hours, I think, but somehow it was only a little after 6pm when they took me back to a treatment room. I sobbed in the waiting area, likely freaking out the other patients. When they began treating me, the nurse had some trouble with the IV (a recurring theme throughout my hospital stay); it went in okay but he left it bleeding out for a few seconds before he got everything else hooked up. I now realize he was in a huge hurry to get it in. Hooray. I didn’t need that blood. I think sometime around 7pm I was able to start having thoughts other than “Please make the pain stop.”