17 Years Ago...

Brad asked me out on a date to see the movie Mask. I thought he was calling for help on our calculus homework. (I didn’t realize yet that he didn’t obsess over his calculus homework the way I did.)

And here we are now. (Well, that’s us as of August 15th 2001; I think that’s the most recent picture of the three of us we have posted online.) A lot has happened during those seventeen years which, by the way, is half of my life; college 10 hours apart in the days before email was prevalent, a break up, a reunion, sicknesses and operations, unemployment, moving across the country, changing careers for both of us, right place at the right time dumb luck, Henry’s birth, Henry, more hospital stays, house remodel. Even before Henry, it had been a thrilling ride. With Henry, it’s going to be even better. I’m looking forward to the next 17 years (and, hopefully, many more after that). Bring it on, life. I’m ready for ya.

I love you, Brad. I love you, Henry.