Conversation and Babble

Henry converses. Along with the continuing vocabulary explosion, there is an ongoing eagerness to tell us things. Ask Henry what he’d like to do and he might run to the back door and say “Back, out.” A “not right now, it’s night time” might be countered with “Back, out. Moon!” Or, he might suggest “Hall Ball,” a game of his own invention that involves throwing, bouncing, and kicking any kind of ball down our hallway. Today, when Brad suggested we visit our house, Henry said “Mike, Mike. House,” while hammering with his hands. Mike is the supervisor of our house remodel and he’d been away with strep throat for a few days; Henry was eager to see him. Henry repeatedly tells us the tale of “The Beetle We Saw Crawling on the Floor and Wall Near the Basement Door!” This involves saying “Beetle” quite a bit, while doing a GI Joe crawl on the floor and then tracing his finger along the path (more or less) where we saw the beetle.

There has also been a resurgence of babble. Instead of babbling words, though, Henry is babbling phrases and sentences. His babble used to be more of a disconnected series of syllables, as if he was experimenting with particular sounds: “ba, ba, bap, bop, boo.” Now, the babble consists of more syllables that are run together, and there is more rising and falling intonation: “muddalee PUDDala MUDDaleeee ssskAA!”

There’s more going on in our lives than Henry’s linguistic advancement; that’s just all I’ve felt like writing about lately. Up on deck, we have: Baby’s First Haircut (tomorrow), Baby’s First Cardiac Catheterization (mid-April), and Mom’s Second Kidney Stone (yes, I have another one; it isn’t causing excruciating pain like the last one–yet). Enough said for now.