Henry's First Haircut

Henry had his first haircut today! We’ll get some before and after pictures up here soon. It went really well; he even had fun. His hair had been hanging down over his eyes and for the past week or so, he’s been blinking and scrunching up his eyes a lot. It finally dawned on us that it was his hair that was bothering him. (Yes, I admit to thinking more than once that we’d better take him to the doctor, his vision must be wonky… First time parents! Sheesh!)

We took Henry to The Hair Chair, a salon that caters to kids (update: The Hair Chair is now The Salon at Kid’s Club). Henry got to sit in a chair with a steering wheel and play with all sorts of toys while Tonya cut his hair. She was great–very quick and calm, with a remarkable ability to cut Henry’s hair evenly as he bobbed and twisted and squirmed. He got a little restless toward the end, and started saying “pick” (for “pick me up”) and “out” while holding up his hands, but Brad was able to divert his attention by telling the “We Drove Our Car Right Onto the Ferry Boat” story, a recent favorite since we took a day trip over to Sequim.