Henry is in the midst of a vocabulary explosion. For a while, he’s been saying “dada” and “mama” and a few other words: book, eye, cat, car, moon, bath, path, broth. (He loves that “th” sound.) But over the last couple of weeks, he’s been collecting words: coral (pronounced “co-wo-wo-wal”), more, hot, cold, fish, snake (pronounced “hsssssnake”), mouse (rabbits are mice too for some reason), heat, whirlpool, puddle (pronounced “pudd-la”), beetle (pronounced “beet-lee”), puppet, bank, knee, hop, happy, brush, mouth, snow, no (this one is already quite popular; sigh), nose, ear, chin, cheek, remote… and many others. And he imitates laughter: “hee hee hee, hahaha, ho ho ho.”

He also said his first sentence: “Nurse… more.”