Spring in Seattle

We’ve had spectacular weather these last three days. Bright sun, blue skies with wispy white clouds, gentle breezes, cherry blossom petals drifting down from the trees, mountains still white with winter snow gleaming in the distance in all directions. Henry has been out on his tricycle every day since the good weather started. All the puddles have dried up. Brad wore his Hawaiian shirt today, without a jacket. He also opened the windows and turned off the heat during the day. (Hey, here in Seattle we actually have to use our heat in the summer sometimes…) While waiting for my latte this morning, I noticed other customers ordering iced coffee drinks. Our lawn is quickly approaching jungle status. Tomorrow, the grey haze may be back and I’ll be okay with it. But, it has been nice to have to wonder where my sunglasses are, to see that the stars are still there in the night sky, to contemplate an iced short 2 percent latte.

All this is especially nice because, thus far, the tree pollen isn’t bothering me as much this year. Usually I walk around in a fog, cursing at the trees and avoiding time outdoors to try to limit my exposure to their pernicious pollen. I still have the sneezing fits and itchy eyes, but I also have been able to breathe without effort this year, making things so much more pleasant.