A Ride on the Bus

Today, Henry, Brad, and I rode the bus, first to the University District and then downtown. The destinations aren’t important. The point is that we Rode The Bus! And, we saw other buses, and taxis and police cars! And, we could see the Space Needle from the bus! And, we got to go through the bus tunnel! The doors on the bus opened and shut and people got on and off!

For the first part of the journey, Henry was very serious, looking around at everything, incorporating the whole bus thing into his world view, I think. We’d talked about riding the bus for a while so he was primed for the experience. After our stop in the UDistrict, his excitement subsided enough so that he was able to talk some as we rode downtown. He loudly pointed out the Space Needle for everyone in the back of the bus when he spotted it: “Smace Needle! Over here!” The bus tunnel floored him.

It’s good to see the world through his eyes. As we walked home from the bus stop, carrying a thoroughly worn out and happy Henry, I commented to Brad that one could view our trip as unsuccessful and even kind of crappy: we had very bad coffee in the UDistrict, even worse lunch downtown, Brad’s allergies were totally hammering him, we couldn’t find what we were looking for downtown–the whole thing was “useless.” But, I continued to say, what I really felt was glad we’d done something different, gotten out of a rut, spent time together. It was so fun.