Henry Update

What else is there to write about? Henry’s verbal skills are still expanding at a rapid rate. Sentences are the norm now: “Read books,” “Mommy do it,” “Wake up, Daddy,” “Henry cooks. Pour flour. Pour sugar. Have pancakes.” We’ve had pancakes a few times recently, and Henry has helped Brad with them by pouring some of the ingredients and mixing. The day after he first helped cook, Henry asked for pancakes to eat: “Have pancakes!” I told him they were all gone and he responded: “Make pancakes! Maple syrup!” He loves maple syrup.

Last night, we had blueberry pancakes for dinner. Brad used the recipe from A Real American Breakfast: The Best Meal of the Day, Any Time of Day, the book we got him for Father’s Day. I love having breakfast food for dinner. Or lunch. I even like it for breakfast. The creme brulee french toast recipe in this book is fantastic. Probably better as a dessert, but so tasty.

Back to Henry. He enjoys kissing and hugging now. He’ll approach, saying “Kiss you,” and then press his lips against your cheek, or saying “Big hug” as he throws his arms around your neck. He likes listening to Moby and trying to operate our stereo and TV equipment. He pretends to make telephone calls to various people he knows. Look, I could list this stuff out for hours on end. My amazement continues. He runs. He throws and kicks a ball. He dances and climbs. Where did this little boy come from?