I Never Planned It...

And yet, here we are. Henry is 20 months old and still nursing regularly. He eats all kinds of other food, too (recent favorites: blueberries, Veggie Booty, ham, Starbucks Cinnamon Twist–still), but still nurses several times a day.

Strange to think this might be at all controversial and unusual, but apparently it is. It seems normal. It’s also recommended by the World Health Organization, which advocates exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and continued breastfeeding along with other foods for 2 years or more.

I sometimes think about the early struggles we had with nursing (Henry was so sleepy, couldn’t latch well, my milk was slow to come in, and so on) but am glad we perservered. I guess we’re going with what’s called child-led weaning. It’s not like I have any plan. Today, he still nurses. Someday in the future, he won’t. How we’ll get from here to there is unclear, but I feel no urgency about it. I realize some folks find this weird. I haven’t had anyone make any overtly negative comments to me, much to my relief. I think I’d be torn between spouting off a long list of sciency facts about why breastfeeding a toddler is healthy, launching into a blistering diatribe about our culture and its idiotic ways of treating children and families, or punching the naysayer in the mouth as hard as possible.

Anyway, Henry is so cool. We visited the Space Needle and he has been obsessed with it since. He loved the whole thing: getting money out of the ATM machine, riding the monorail over to Seattle Center, running around while Dad waited in line for tickets, the elevator, the views from the top. The “Smace Needle” (as he says it) story is now up there with the beach story and the spider stories as an all time favorite. He used to say “make tower, make tower” when playing with his blocks; now, he says “make Smace Needle, Smace Needle.”