I am awake, alone. Brad and Henry are sleeping. I can hear them breathing, all the way out here in the living room.

Candace Bushnell got married. So did a bunch of other people. Brad and I sometimes talked about having a “real” wedding, maybe on our 10th anniversary. Well, that came and went. Anyway, I think of the wedding we did have as real. I wish we’d had more family and friends there, but I am not sorry we skipped the big traditional wedding. I recently watched Michael Apted’s Married in America and was fascinated. This review of the program is better than the Flash-y official site. Of course you wonder, who will make it? The next installment is to be filmed in 2 years. Will anyone split up before then? What problems will they encounter?

It’s raining now and I can’t hear Brad and Henry over the sound of the rain splashing down. We had some thunder and lightning, too. I should head to bed, I suppose.