New Stuff

Brad posted a new picture of the day.

We had pizza over at Alison, Neil, and Max’s house this evening. I worked with Alison at Amazon for a while. Henry had a blast, playing with the gravel in the yard and riding scooters (with our hovering assistance, of course). It was a nice, relaxing time.

Henry is saying all sorts of new things. I’d better get down a few of the old favorites here before everything changes; so, in no particular order…

For the longest time, Henry has referred to himself as “Henny”. Is this how Henny Youngman got his nickname? He also refers to himself as “me me ga-gee.” At least, I think he’s referring to himself. He has a few other mystery words that he repeats often: pay-ba, ka-ga, kang-a. Neither Brad nor I have figured these out.

Lately, he seems to really relish more complicated words and phrases and has enjoyed imitating us saying: substances, decoration, Whole Foods Market, velodrome, triple grande two percent latte, architect’s office. He also narrates his actions almost constantly: going down stairs, going back up stairs, step over pillow, gates opening, bell rings, light flashes, boats go through. (Those last few were from a recent visit to the locks.) He constantly surprises me with what he remembers, what he notices, and the connections he makes between things. Sometimes, he freaks other people out with his verbal abilities. Babies and toddlers are so much smarter and more aware of the world than popular culture or many parenting philosophies would have us believe.