Our Unbearable Heat

I am officially a warm weather wimp. It is 81° and 27% humidity, according to WeatherPop, a nifty application Brad installed on my iBook. In Maryland, where I grew up, this would be turn-off-the-AC-and-let-some-fresh-air-in-weather. Here, now that I have acclimated to the Northwest, I feel stifled and sluggish. Henry and I are sitting on the couch (he’s asleep in my lap) with the fan blowing on us. Sheesh! As bad as I am, Brad is even worse. Give that man a partly cloudy 55° to go with his triple grande 2% latte, please. Temperatures approaching 70° get him groaning about the heat. I can’t figure out why he likes the Kona coast of Hawaii so much. Must be the mai tais.