Social Butterfly?

Moth is more like it. Lurking in the shadows, then suddenly flitting over to crash and burn in the light.

Played bridge with some old Amazon cronies this evening, and some folks who still work there. Reminds me that I really want to read Mike Daisey’s book. Boycotting sentence subjects here, in case you hadn’t noticed. Not sure why; to avoid using the pronoun “I” perhaps. Concerned about ego?

As for Henry, he’s just great. He knows the UPS truck brings presents and he can recognize the truck by sound. He went to the eye doctor today and all seems well with his eyes; no strange muscle problems like I had. He loved all the eye doctor’s flashlights and instruments, and was disappointed when he wasn’t allowed to hold any of them for further investigation.

He seemed older today, suddenly. I guess that’s how it happens. Even though I see him everyday, the changes seem so sudden.