Can We Move in Yet?

We passed another major remodel milestone today: the construction office in the basement is gone, the desk, fax machine, and shelves hauled away to another job. The basement carpet was installed today too, which completes the basement’s transformation into finished space. The master bathroom has been transformed as well, by tile.

The house is getting pretty close now. The movers are scheduled for the week of September 9th, though we will start moving things over there as soon as this weekend. We might “camp out” there for a few nights before our furniture arrives. Some work will probably continue for a while and I’m sure we’ll come across our share of little problems that will have to be fixed.

Speaking of problems fixed, the hardwood floor guy stopped by last week to fix the kitchen floor where the island had been moved. Where the hole had been, the patch is subtle enough to go unnoticed unless it’s pointed out. Elsewhere, it’s completely invisible.

Tons of new pictures are up in the gallery. The first new picture is here