Fall Is Coming

Sure, I’m wistful that summer is fading away but that’s part of the delicious feeling associated with fall’s arrival. It starts getting dark at 8:30pm these days, the evening light is mellower, the shadows seem longer. We had a hard rain two nights ago and so got to listen to the sound of car tires shushing on the wet road as we fell asleep. That sound is autumn in Seattle.

There will be more blue sky, more grilled salmon, more popsicles, and more iced lattes before summer is gone altogether. And for me, the sky will seem bluer, the salmon richer, the popsicles stickier, the lattes icier, all because I can feel fall coming.

Some more random blather… Brad and I are addicted to Alton Brown’sGood Eats” on the Food Network. I mean, Alton just described meatloaf as the Garanimals of food (the meat, veggies, and flavorings are all easy mix-and-match). With references like that, who needs Emeril? The show is peppered with actual science as well, which of course appeals to us, geeks that we are.

Henry has seemingly recently realized he can use words to express his feelings. He’s been saying things like: Henny sad, Henny happy, Henny upset. The context isn’t always quite right; last night he was running around with a huge smile on his face saying “Henny sad.” He’s also been delighting in saying multi-syllabic words: abilities, jack-o-lantern, gymnasium.

More Henry-isms: nurse too; other side again; meet-oo, meet!; time bed!