Too Stucky

This is a sort of addendum to Brad’s ”Very Busy In It!” post. Henry has been making up his own adjectives. When he’s stacking blocks for a tower and the tower falls over, it’s “Too tumble-y!” Today, he was trying to get a muffin tin out of one of the kitchen cupboards but was having trouble, since it was stuck behind another pan. After trying to wiggle it free, he declared in an upset voice, “Too stucky!”

Since I’m writing about the kitchen, I should mention that it is one of Henry’s favorite rooms in the house. There are a number of drawers and cupboards that he can access and he loves going through all the pots and pans and bowls and utensils… Lately, he’s been making pancakes; using the griddle on the floor, pouring the cork coasters that serve as pancakes out of a bowl onto the griddle, then flipping them with the spatula when they get “all bubbly.” He even heats up the maple syrup, in a little metal measuring cup, just like Brad does when he makes breakfast.