Very Busy in It!

At some point in the past, probably more than once, we told Henry we couldn’t do something because it was too busy (or crowded, or both). Maybe we went to a different park because the one we usually go to was too crowded with older kids. Maybe we didn’t feel like waiting for a table at a restaurant. Who knows.

Henry has latched on to the idea with gusto. If he wants to go out in the backyard just before bedtime and we say no, he will come back with “Very busy in it!” If we stop him from going down the slide until the previous kid is off, he’ll say “Very busy down it!” (the corresponding “very busy up it!” applies when the ladder up to the slide is full).

He also applies the same logic to other situations. “No, Henry, it’s not time for a bath” will be met with a “very busy in it.” “We can’t go in that store because it’s closed” will similarly elicit a “very busy” or “very crowded.” Kathy and I both avoid crowds, but I never thought it was quite so obvious.