The 16th has come and gone and we’re still living in our rental house. We’re not the least bit surprised, of course, but neither are we upset. These things happen. Besides, watching the progress over the last couple weeks has been incredible.

The tile is done in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and Henry’s bathroom (and the master bath is well under way). The kitchen appliances arrived last week, unannounced and C.O.D., and were gradually installed over the course of the last week. Almost all of the light fixtures have been installed, the electrical finish work is nearly done, and the plumbing is done in the kitchen and downstairs bath. The painters have been busy as well.

Naturally, not everything has been perfect. The glass for the closet light fixtures was the wrong size, three of the kitchen fixtures arrived in the wrong finish, and one of our paint choices turned out pretty ugly. Then there’s the island in the kitchen. We had our appliances chosen and spec sheets in hand before construction began, but nonetheless the island was built too close to the refrigerator to allow the door to open all the way. So, they moved the island a few inches, leaving some nice little patches of unfinished floor and a hole where the electrical wire comes up through the floor for the outlet on the island. Six months ago, I would have been angry. Today, well… these things happen. It will all work out.

Today I was talking with Henry about moving back into our house. He very excitedly said “Make pancakes in house. Blueberry pancakes! Bacon!” That’s when we’ll all know we’re back home: when daddy cooks breakfast there.