It’s done. As planned, we moved back into our house yesterday. Considering our past history, we were extraordinarily prepared for the move (though we were up late the night before finishing up). The movers showed up at our rental house at about 8:30 and were done loading the truck before 11. Everything was unloaded at our house by 3:30.

I can hear the question now. Is the house done? Well…

…not quite. Last Friday, we got a call from the architect asking whether we wanted to hold back some of the latest payment to our contractor to help get things moving (yes!). Over the weekend, we organized our list of “Things That Must Be Done.” A Monday morning meeting with our architect and contractor gave us a chance to go over everything and identify which things really needed to be done before the move. I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed to get the bulk of it done. The closet rods & shelves, the master bath paint & some painting outside, and a few other odds and ends weren’t done by yesterday, but they managed to plow through the rest of the list in short order. Many of the remaining items inside should be done by the weekend. Cool.

So, how did it feel to spend a night in our new old house? Wonderful but strange. We’re still in that moving-in limbo of living out of boxes and perpetually trying to figure out where you packed things. Despite a heroic effort by our contractor, there’s still lots of dust settling out on everything, too. And, of course, the painters and carpenter arrived shortly after 7 AM this morning to get back to work. Nonetheless, it feels like we’re back where we should be. Home.