Settling In

We’re trying to settle in. The major unpacking is done. We can find most of the things we need day to day. There are still piles of boxes here and there, but we are slowly dismantling them. Brad has put up a lot of pictures, which really makes the place seem like home.

Work still continues on the house, but it’s mostly little stuff. We’re happy with most of it, though we’re already talking about what we’ll do differently on the next dream house… ha ha. I think it will be a long while before I want to take on another major house project.

Henry seems to be getting used to the new place. He lived almost half his life at the rental house, so this hasn’t been the easiest transition. But, he seems to be taking it all in stride, most of the time. Occasionally, he asks to go to our “fakey house” or “temporary house.” But, he’s started calling this house home. And he loves the yard, as do I. Best room in the house: the back yard. Next best room: to be determined!