Addicted to... Pottery Barn?!?

Okay, a newly expanded Pottery Barn, with a Pottery Barn Kids, has opened up at our local shopping center, and we have been there five times in the last three days. Sheesh.

At least the PBK has all kinds of things out for Henry to play with. The big news is that we got Henry his own bed. And, he actually has slept in it a bit. I guess his fall out of our bed a few days ago motivated this purchase. We were going to simply put a mattress on the floor but fell under the PBK sway and got the bed. The fact that Henry climbed into the display bed several times while we were in the store, pretending to sleep and generally enjoying it, probably helped.

We’ve been trying to organize our basement and are making some headway. There’s still a lot of leftover construction stuff down there: paint, more paint, tile, wood, and did I mention paint? Plus, we have a lot of basement type stuff to sort through: tools, hardware, wrapping paper, ornaments, mysterious piles of junk…

Things seem to be back on a more even keel. There’s nothing like shopping to quell a depressive episode.